Sassi Salts – The Gourmet Salt Specialists

Nirvana Health Products is proud to be in conjunction with Sassi Salts – The Gourmet Salt Specialists.

‘Compliment the taste, texture, aroma and visual impact of your favourite dishes with Sassi Salts™ sensational collection of Gourmet Sea Salt Pyramid Flakes’

These Handcrafted Salts provide you with a mouth-watering flaky texture, delicate crunchy bite and richness in flavour that will complement any meal and leave you with a flavour experience like no other!

A favourite among Chefs worldwide and home cooks alike, Sassi Salts™ Gourmet Sea Salt Flakes are ideal for cooking and a finishing salt for both savoury and sweet dishes. The possibilities to create the most flavoursome dishes are made easy with these gourmet salts.

Sassi Salts™ Handcrafted Pyramid Salts include the following succulent varieties and fusion flavours to suit everybody’s preference: Natural, Black, Smoked,  Lemon Pepper, Chilli, Mushroom, Rosemary, Smoky Chipotle and Wild Garlic.