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Delectable Handcrafted Pyramid Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt Flakes, Black Sea Salt, Fleur de Sel, Gourmet Finishing Salt.

Nirvana Health Products has an extensive collection of deliciously healthy Sassi handcrafted salt flakes available for purchase at our online store. Sassi Pyramid salt flakes are perfect for enhancing the flavour of anything from steak, chicken and seafood through to stews, salads and roasted veggies.

As a leading distributor of gourmet, organic and artisan salts in Australia, Nirvana Health Products is proud to partner with this producer of incredibly delicious and healthy Sassi Pyramid sea salt flakes.

Buy Sassi Mediterranean salt flakes from our online store and receive super-fast shipping throughout Australia to your home or business.

What Makes Sassi Salt So Special?

The team at Nirvana Health Products can testify to the mouth-watering flavour and texture of Sassi Pyramid sea salt. The flaky, crystal texture of the salt flakes makes them a wonderful addition to a huge range of meals, as they not only provide a taste-tantalising flavour to the meal, but also add to its overall texture…

Not only is the range of Sassi Mediterranean salt flakes perfect for enhancing an everyday meal, it also makes for a wonderful addition to vegan, vegetarian and paleo meals. The versatility of the salt has made it a top choice for chefs around the world, who use the varying flavours (lemon pepper, chilli and mushroom just to name a few!) to enhance meals in ways that regular salt simply can’t make happen.

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