Buy Organic Stevia – The #1 Natural Sweetener of Australia

Experience the best tasting and highest quality of natural sweeteners in Australia from Nirvana Organics® – organic stevia. For years, followers of weight management programs and those needing to monitor their blood sugar levels have resorted to artificial sweeteners to sweeten their food and beverages, but in recent times there have been many reports suggesting that naturally derived, low-calorie sweeteners would be a much better substitute. Artificial sweeteners have now been linked to many dangerous and unwanted side effects, and so Nirvana Stevia was born to provide a safe and healthy alternative to customers who are wanting to ditch the sugar and take control of their health!

Nirvana Organics® has travelled the world to find the perfect alternative, and we found one in the naturally sweet, zero calorie herbal extract, Stevia. The key to a great tasting Stevia product is the quality of plant, growing conditions, extraction process, and care in manufacturing and our customers believe Nirvana Stevia is simply the best!

The natural alternative to artificial sweeteners – Nirvana Organics Stevia

  • ZERO Calories, ZERO Carbs, ZERO GI.
  • 100% natural with NO NASTY additives.
  • Highest quality, best tasting Stevia on the market!
  • Manufactured and packed in Australia by an Australian owned company
  • Nirvana Organics® Stevia- 15 years in the market & going strong!
  • ACO Certified Organically grown, extracted and processed Stevia
  • Easy, innovative and convenient packing options.
  • Concentrated, economical and best value for money – a little goes a long way.

How Nirvana Organics Stevia compares to other ‘natural’ sweeteners

  • No blending to make it cheaper or “bulk it out”
  • One tiny (included) spoon (1/35 tsp) is approx. sweetness of 1 tsp of sugar
  • 15gm of Nirvana Stevia Extract provides 250 servings!

Did you know many supermarket natural sweeteners that are marketed as ‘stevia’ may contain less than 5% stevia? Have you read the ingredients list? Nirvana Organics 100% Pure Extract Powder is just that – 100% PURE STEVIA.

Measure Doses – Good Things Come in Small Doses!

At Nirvana Organics®, our exceptional quality Stevia is very concentrated, and is much sweeter than sugar. In the past, consumers have used incorrect measures of Stevia, and this has influenced their opinions of this remarkable herbal extract. To ensure you use the correct amount, Nirvana Organics® Stevia is available in measured dose tablets, liquid concentrates and powders, so you don’t have to worry about using too much and can simply achieve your desired level of sweetness.

Our high quality product is so economical that one teaspoon of our original powder is the equivalent of 35 teaspoons of sugar, so we have included our handy (and tiny!) easy-measure scoop for your convenience. We have taken the guess work out of measuring your sugar-equivalent Stevia dose, with one scoop approximately equalling one teaspoon of sugar. Now the perfect level from organic sweeteners is at your fingertips!

Our Nirvana Organics® Stevia Liquid Concentrate is available in three sizes and is convenient to use. Unlike some other Stevia liquids on the market, our product is free from harmful preservatives and additives. Nirvana Organics® Stevia Liquid Concentrate uses only organically grown Stevia extract, which has been extracted without the use of chemicals, and is then carefully blended with distilled water and the most natural preservatives available. Again, our superior product is so highly concentrated that you only need a few drops.

Nirvana Organics® Original Stevia Tablets are available in convenient pocket size containers that fit easily in handbags or pockets – perfect for busy people on the go who never want to be without their natural sweeteners. Our Nirvana Organics® Original Stevia Tablets equal one heaped teaspoon (7g) of sugar, which is far sweeter than any other Stevia brand on the market. For those wanting a less concentrated Stevia tablet, we have now introduced Stevia Slim 200 tablet dispenser, with each tablet equalling approximately 1 level teaspoon (4g) of sugar.

For easy measuring and cooking with Stevia, we have introduced our new Stevia Slim Spoonable Powder®. Blended with Erythritol (the most superior naturally derived sugar substitute that looks and tastes very much like sugar), Stevia Slim Spoonable Powder® is the perfect way to add sweetness to your food and drinks and, with only half a calorie per serve, without the guilt. One teaspoon of our Stevia Slim Spoonable Powder® equals the sweetness of two teaspoons of sugar, making it ideal for cooking delicious treats, including pastries, cakes, biscuits, muffins and pancakes or for flavouring desserts like ice-cream and custard.

You can even create your own natural and healthy, sugar-free drinks, including delicious smoothies and health shakes – with Stevia Slim Spoonable Powder®, the possibilities are endless.

With a diverse range of strengths, packaging and dispensing options, Nirvana Organics® has all your Stevia needs covered, and we are sure we have the perfect natural sweeteners for you