What’s New at Nirvana?

Brand New Nirvana Organics® Liquid Stevia Flavours that are sure to get you as excited as we are!

Here at Nirvana Health Products® we are constantly striving to make our customers satisfied and with endless enquiries about new additions to our existing range we couldn’t help but listen and… deliver!

Due to the popularity of our existing flavoured Stevia range we couldn’t help ourselves but to keep going and expand the selection even more so- more variety, more options and more ways to satisfy those sweet cravings we all secretly (or not so secretly) have.

So here it goes… 6 new delicious flavours to excite those tastebuds and go crazy about!



Okay so how good is apple juice? As much as it is tasty it is also full of… you guessed it… SUGAR! Did you know that 350ml of our favourite juice contains nearly 10 spoons of sugar, nearly as much as a can of soft drink! So we naturally thought the next best thing would be to have a fruity substitute to this and wow did we hit the mark with this one- It can be added to water, smoothies and for cooking those sweet delicate treats in the kitchen.


A special blend of our favourite sweet, sour and tangy citrus fruit flavours made into a delicious sweetener to add to sparkling water for a satisfying and ever so tasty refreshing drink. You could also add a few drops of this beauty to yoghurt, iced tea and even green tea to sweeten up your antioxidant booster during those cooler times during the year.


This is one of our favourite summer fruits so it just had to be in this new range and we guarantee you will love it just as much as we do! This sweet, luscious and aromatic fruit flavor is now ready to explode– use Nirvana Organics® Mango Stevia Liquid to sweeten up iced tea, smoothies, spring water, yoghurt, desserts and anything else that tickles your fancy!


This refreshing and cool flavor is an absolute hit to freshen up your H20- add a few of our minty sweet drops and you will be blown away. Also amazing in a hot cacao drink… a healthy choc mint alternative is now available and the possibilities are endless (Mint milkshakes anybody?).


Juicy, yummy and scrumptious as they come are glorious peaches and now Nirvana Organics® has perfected a peach sweetener to enjoy this fruity flavor all year round. Our recommendation is to mix it with your favourite Greek yoghurt and freeze overnight to indulge in a delicious sugar-free peach frozen yoghurt… yummm!


A guilt free sugarless Cola without toxic artificial sweeteners that will destroy your health… need we say more? This is a revolutionary development we have been working so hard at getting perfect and it is now ready to be launched! Add a few drops of this taste sensation to sparkling water and you have yourself the best soda alternative that is actually good for you and your health!