Experience the best tasting and highest quality of natural sweeteners in Australia from Nirvana Organics® – organic Stevia available in 100% pure powder, liquid concentrate and flavoured Stevia liquid.


Nirvana Xylitol™ is 100% natural, sugar free, artificial sweetener free, fat-free and contains 40% less calories than sugar. Nirvana Xylitol™ is made from the purest, highest grade, best tasting Xylitol available on the market.

Nirvana Erythritol™ is a delicious all-natural granulated sugar alternative that has almost ZERO Calories, has a ZERO Glycemic Index and ZERO net-carbs. Nirvana Erythritol™ is naturally derived from  fruits and plants.

Nirvana Organics® pure Himalayan salt is hand mined, totally natural, unrefined, contains no additives and is hand sorted and magnetically screened and packed in our own HACCP accredited premises in Australia.

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Stevia Powder

  • Available in 100% Pure Stevia Extract Powder – see attached for information on our 2 different grades of Stevia powder available for manufacturing use. 
  • Nirvana speciality Stevia powder is approximately 150 x sweeter than sugar; whereas the Reb A 40% is 290 x sweeter than sugar.

Nirvana Stevia Powder Bulk

Stevia Liquid Concentrate

  • Nirvana Stevia Liquid Concentrate uses only organically grown Stevia extract, which has been extracted without the use of chemicals then carefully blended with distilled water and food grade alcohol OR natural preservatives, depeneding on your preference and manufacturing needs.
  • This superior product is highly concentrated so only a few drops are needed to achieve your desired amount of sweetness.
  • Selected Stevia Liquid Flavours are also availble in bulk quantities from 500mL. Flavours currently available for bulk buy are Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Strawberry & Hazelnut.


  • Nirvana Xylitol is a remarkable, natural sweetener that has many beneficial qualities, and unlike many artificial sweeteners, it has a delicious, refreshing taste and looks just like sugar.
  • 1 teaspoon Xylitol = sweetness 1 teaspoon sugar


  • Nirvana Organics is delighted to be the first Australian brand to offer the highest quality Australian Certified Organic Erythritol to the Australian market.

  • Erythritol is a delicious all natural sugar alternative that has almost ZERO Calories, has a ZERO Glycemic Index and ZERO net-carbs.

  • 1.3 teaspoon Erythritol = sweetness 1 teaspoon sugar

Himalayan Salt

  • Nirvana Organics Himalayan Crystal Salt is available in a variety of speciality grades – fine, medium and granules.
  • Packed, sorted and screened in HACCP accredited premises in South Australia.


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