Nirvana Liquid Stevia Flavours

Boost flavour without boosting calories!

Just a few drops of natural flavour from Nirvana Organics® Liquid Stevia Flavours will provide that extra flavour and sweetness without the extra calories or sugar to all your favourite food and drinks!

Sweeten up your morning coffee, tea, healthy fruit smoothies, milkshakes, yoghurt and delicious desserts with a variety of indulgent flavours to choose from.

A few drops of our fruity and citrus blends are also a great addition to spring water or sparkling to enjoy a guilt-free alternative to soda and other sugary drinks packed with sugar and empty calories!

With 16 taste intensifying flavours to choose from, Nirvana Organics® Liquid Stevia Flavours are sure to satisfy all tastes.

Proudly made in Australia by Nirvana Health Products®