How can I use Xylitol in the kitchen?

Xylitol is extremely versatile.  It can be used to make sugar-free cordials, lemonades and hot beverages; it can be sprinkled over cereals, porridge and fruits and can be mixed with natural yogurts to make delicious and healthy sweet treats.  It can also be used as a sugar and artificial sweetener substitute in a wide range […]

How much Xylitol should I use in my hot drinks?

One teaspoon of Nirvana Xylitol™is approximately equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar.  Some of our customers have suggested that the natural, refreshing and sweet taste of our product means they actually use slightly less than they would sugar, but with our various easy-measure packaging options, finding your preferred level of sweetness is now easier than […]

Can I use Xylitol in my cooking and baking?

Yes! One of the unique benefits of Nirvana Xylitol™ is that it behaves almost exactly like sugar when using it as a substitute in your favourite recipes, and it is remarkably simple to substitute Xylitol in your favourite recipes.  Now you can make delicious treats like cookies, home-made protein bars, muffins and custard with 40% […]

Where does Nirvana Stevia® come from?

Nirvana Stevia® is extracted from the Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni plant. The leaves of the stevia plant have been used for centuries in Brazil and Paraguay to sweeten food and drink. Stevia has been embraced as a sugar substitute and food additive in many countries around the world. Steviol Glycosides, which are the sweetening properties extracted […]

Is Nirvana Stevia® allergy-friendly?

YES! Our Stevia is free of tree nuts, peanuts, egg, dairy, gluten and soy and the facility where our product is packaged does not process, package or manufacture any of these ingredients, so there are no trace elements. As a result, our products are very popular with those who suffer from a wide variety of allergies. As […]

How much Nirvana Stevia® should I use?

In it natural extract form, Stevia is many times sweeter than sugar – so you need far less to get to your preferred level of sweetness. To help you use the correct amount, Nirvana Stevia® is available in powder, tablet and liquid form so you don’t have to worry about using too much. Our Stevia […]

I am a diabetic, can I use Stevia?

Stevia is renowned as an excellent sugar-replacement for diabetics. The main goals of diabetes management are to control blood glucose, lipids and weight. Xylitol is a low Glycaemic sweetener (Zero GI), and is slowly absorbed and metabolized independently of insulin. Stevia does not cause a dramatic increase in blood-sugar levels or serum-insulin responses, and therefore […]