I am a diabetic, can I use Stevia?

Stevia is renowned as an excellent sugar-replacement for diabetics. The main goals of diabetes management are to control blood glucose, lipids and weight. Xylitol is a low Glycaemic sweetener (Zero GI), and is slowly absorbed and metabolized independently of insulin. Stevia does not cause a dramatic increase in blood-sugar levels or serum-insulin responses, and therefore many health practitioners suggest Stevia as a sugar-free sweetener for their diabetic clients.

Stevia also Zero calories and has been suggested as a valuable aid in assisting diabetics with weight control.  A word of warning, however, – some Stevia on the market is not 100% pure, and may be blended with other ingredients that may be higher in calories and carbohydrates, making them unsuitable for diabetics.  Nirvana Stevia® on the other hand, is pure and natural and has a Zero GI.

As with any serious medical conditions, however, if in doubt please consult your health practitioner before incorporating Stevia into your daily diet, and be sure to continually monitor your blood-sugar levels

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