How much Nirvana Stevia® should I use in my cooking and baking?

Generally speaking, one cup of sugar is approximately equal to one teaspoon of Stevia, as Stevia is much sweeter than sugar. Some customers have commented that they use slightly less Stevia in certain recipes, but this is mostly up to individual tastes.   We suggest that you use slightly less of the equivalent amount of Stevia, and then adjust to find your perfect level of sweetness.  Desserts made with sour fruits, such as cranberries or lemons may need more Stevia, compared with pies, for example, cooked with apples and pears.

With our many packaging and dispensing options, however, finding that perfect measure or Nirvana Stevia®is now easier than ever – and you’ll be cooking and baking delicious (and Zero calorie and Zero GI!) treats like a seasoned baker!

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