Can I use Xylitol in my cooking and baking?

Yes! One of the unique benefits of Nirvana Xylitol™ is that it behaves almost exactly like sugar when using it as a substitute in your favourite recipes, and it is remarkably simple to substitute Xylitol in your favourite recipes.  Now you can make delicious treats like cookies, home-made protein bars, muffins and custard with 40% less calories!  Unlike some other sweeteners, Xylitol is heat stable and mixes and dissolves in a remarkably similar fashion to sugar.

There are only two instances where Xylitol is not suitable, however, with the first being breads or recipes that require yeast to make the dough rise, as Xylitol cannot be metabolised by yeast.  The other exception is hard candy and other recipes that require sugar to be caramelised, as Xylitol does not caramelise like sugar. Also, some users have commented that Xylitol absorbs more liquid than sugar, so you may need to compensate with a little extra liquid in some recipes.

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