Can I use Nirvana Stevia® in my cooking and baking at home?

Yes! One of the unique benefits of Nirvana Stevia®is that it behaves quite similarly to sugar when using it as a substitute in your favourite recipes, and it is remarkably simple to substitute Stevia in your favourite recipes.  Now you can make delicious foods like cookies, ice-cream, sauces and beverages without sugar!

Unlike some other sweeteners, Stevia is heat stable and mixes and dissolves in a remarkably similar fashion to sugar.  Stevia does not, however, caramelize as sugar does and desserts like meringues may also be difficult to achieve as Stevia does not brown or crystallize as sugar does.  Foods baked with Stevia may not rise as much as those cooked with sugar, and it cannot ferment yeast as sugar does.
As Stevia does not weigh the same as sugar, you may need to add some bulking agents to your recipes, such as yogurt, apple sauce, fruit juice, fruit puree, egg whites, or water, to give your desserts the same density as their sugar-filled counterparts. Please see our recipe page for some great ideas.
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