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Sugar Alternatives

Sugar Alternatives

Embrace health with our all natural alternatives


Nirvana Health Products® is home to some of the highest quality, natural products on the market.  We specialise in all-natural sweeteners -“great tasting healthy sugar substitutes” and the healthiest salt on earth, and are sure to have the perfect product for you. Experience Nirvana Today!


Stevia, Xylitol, Himalayan Crystal Salt

We offer Top Selling, Highest Quality products that People Love at Extremely Competitive, Low Prices

Nirvana Health Products® has evolved into one of Australia's leading suppliers of the highest quality ACO certified organic Stevia, Xylitol natural sugar alternatives and our mineral rich Himalayan Salt products, at extremely competitive prices. With our rapidly growing sales and buying power, we can buy and manufacture in large quantities - thereby passing the savings onto you!

With an abundance of high quality, healthy products at low prices, Nirvana Health Products has thousands of happy customers and we look forward to welcoming you into our ever-increasing customer base.

Nirvana Organics Stevia Australia’s top selling* Stevia products for 13 years.  Our all-natural Stevia sweetener products contain certified organic Stevia and are wonderful alternatives to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Nirvana Stevia contains no nasty additives, has ZERO calories, ZERO carbs, ZERO GI and is GMO free.  Nirvana Stevia powder is Australian Certified Organic.


Nirvana Xylitol is a perfect sugar substitute “all-natural sweetener” that has a very low GI of 7, helps fight dental decay, has a delicious, refreshing taste and is used just like sugar. Excellent sugar alternative for baking!

Nirvana Himalayan Crystal Salt is the purest salt on earth and is hand-mined exclusively from the Kalabagh region, it can be used to flavour food or to make an indulgent detox bath.

Nirvana Salt Cooking Plates are a wonderful cooking addition for the food connoisseur...

Nirvana Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are not only therapeutic; they are a beautiful highlight to any room.

Nirvana Ceramic Salt Inhalers are our latest addition to our healthy salt range!

Find Nirvana and Enjoy Life!

Sugar Substitutes

* according to sales figures supplied by distributors

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